Relationship Counselling can help many relationships. Over a lifetime as individuals, we experience many things, some traumatic and some exceptional. It is these experiences that often times inform our trust in others, how we relate with people and form relationships with others. It is often the traumatic experiences that can be challenging in relationships, whether it is childhood trauma, adulthood trauma or trauma from a previous relationship it is important to work through these issues so as to cultivate healthier relationships in the future. Relationship Counselling is a tool many couples should use.

Relationship Counselling can help

As an individual you get to choose your partner and friends, but you cannot choose family and no matter your issues you are tied by the bonds of genetics and family. However, with friends and romantic relationships people are bound only by the bonds they work at, and pat issues can make it hard to work on the bonds that tie us together to our significant others and friends. Often time people expect to be accepted with their “baggage”, although others may try to accept the baggage, we have it may over time contribute to the deterioration of relations.

Although there are a number of individual issues that affect relationships, there are also issues that can arise in relationships, such as infidelity, broken trust, lack of communication and validation. Often times when we love our significant others, we want to work past these issues and get to happier times. Although hard when two parties are invested in working through the problems, all relationships can overcome past issues.

Relationship Counselling Pretoria

Here are some practical ways of working to overcome past issues in a relationship:

Communications, forms the bedrock of all relationships. Communication Is not about merely identifying the issues, you may have but effective communication is also about listening to your partner and communicating what you require from your partner in order to work past the issue. Relationships can have varying issues and how we solve those problems can vary, however solutions can only be found through effective communication.

Self-care, for many issues in a relationship can lead to a deterioration in health and self-care. Just like the saying when you feel good, you do good, therefore it is important to take care of self and invest in personal health. This will allow you to approach all issues calmly and from a constructive place. Take a break, often time one may feel that leaving an argument or an issue at the climax may be interpreted and giving up on the relationship or that they may not be able to get their point across. However, taking a break may allow you to diffuse a destruction pattern of communication and thought, and coming back to an issue at a later time may allow one to come down and be effective in their communication.

Professional Relationship Counselling

Seek professional help, professional help has many benefits. professional can help whether it be an individual issue or a couple issue, most importantly they can help with effective communication and tools for making your relationship better and often times an objective ear can help in the feedback process by offering a different perspective you may have not considered. Relationship Counselling is not a crutch or unnecessary. Contact Life Counsel today for your Relationship Counselling session.