Play Therapy in Cape Town

Life Counsel provides Play Therapy for Children in Cape Town

Play Therapy – Cape Town

Life Counsel Cape Town provides Play Therapy for Children from ages 3 – 11 Years. We provide a platform for children to find expression through play and communication by expertly approaching every child and their situation. We also come alongside the Parents to assist with coaching and assessments, so that parents have better informative tools to assist their children.

Play Therapy

When does your child need Play Therapy?

Some guidelines do identify when seeking help for your child:

When your child shows problems within family relationships and friendships.

Struggles with academic performances and social activities or environment.

Shows negative self talk, less confident or negative behavior.

Withdraws from family and friends.

Expresses hopelessness.

Change in Sleeping or eating patterns.

Children can suffer from anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Trauma and a Child Therapist can help the child overcome the negative after effects. Child therapy is designed to help children address almost any kind of difficulty and help them overcome and excel.

What to expect in Play Therapy?

a Child Psychologist or Counsellor provides a SAFE space for a child, allowing a child to feel at ease and comfortable during a therapy session. The Counsellor will develop a routine within sessions with the use of specific activities to address each child’s need which is vital to the therapeutic process. This will build a Trusting, Secure and Respectful relationship between the child and the therapist so to enhance healing within the child’s being.

How can Child Therapy Benefit your Child?

Play therapy provides a SAFE SPACE for your child to express his or her thoughts and feelings.

It facilitates the development of self-esteem and self awareness.

It creates better coping skills for the child and enhances problem solving skills.

It supports emotional healing and overall growth within the child’s well-being.

Helps children in making decisions and accepting responsibility for their actions.

It fosters the child’s ability to make friends and better understand the world he or she lives in.

Allows children to discover their inner resources of healing potential.

Encourages children to become confident and more focused.

Helping children process Trauma and difficult situations and much more…

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Plato

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