First Aid Courses in Pretoria

Life Counsel provides Accredited and Professional First Aid Training Courses in Pretoria

First Aid Courses in Pretoria

First Aid Courses in PretoriaLife Counsel provides accredited First Aid courses in Pretoria. Our First Aid Courses are professional, Fun and interactive. Our Courses are Ideal for Corporate Groups on / off site training. Our First Aid Courses is registered with the department of Labour and is designed to Empower, Inform and teach people practical life saving skills.

Our First Aid Training Courses in Pretoria can benefit Companies, Schools and more in cases of emergencies and it overall benefits the community and families. First Aid Training is to PRESERVE LIFE, PREVENT FURTHER HARM AND PROMOTE RECOVERY.


Who can Attend this Course:

  • Employees
  • Teachers
  • Gym Instructors
  • Nannies
  • Parents
  • Anyone Who like to be First Aid Competent

First Aid Course in Pretoria Prices:

LEVEL 1 – First Aid Course
Total of 8 Hours
Accredited with SAQA
R970 per Person
*Group Discounts are Applicable

LEVEL 2 – First Aid Course
3 Day Course (More Advanced)
R1150 per Person
*Group Discounts are Applicable

First Aid Training Scope:

Level 1 First Aid Course – 2 Day Course

  • Legal Aspects of First Aid
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • HIV & AIDS
  • What is Shock
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Injuries to Head, neck and spine
  • Oversight to Emergency Medical Solutions
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Practical Application

We are Accredited with the Department of Labour

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R700 PER HOUR MON-FRI 8:00H-17:30H SAT 8AM-12PM

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