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Life Counsel provides Trauma Counselling Workshops in Pretoria

Trauma Counselling Courses in Pretoria

Become Effective in Trauma Counselling

trauma counselling course

Life Counsel provides Trauma Counselling Workshops/Courses in Pretoria. Our 4-Day Trauma Workshops are Internationally Accredited and we also provide CPD Points for our Workshops. This Workshop will enable you to effectively work in the field of Trauma and successfully debrief any type of Emotional Trauma. This workshop will provide you with confidence in your work and success for your client. You can either use this workshop to add to your expertise or if you are interested in Trauma Counselling this workshop is for you.

Upcoming Trauma Counselling Courses 2023:

31 July – 03 Aug

30 October – 02 November

Workshop Price: R4900

Date:31 July – 03 Aug / 30 Oct – 02 Nov 2023
Costs:R4900 per Delegate / Deposits R1600
(Early Bird Discounts)
Tel: 079 731 6367

Upcoming Training Dates – Due to COVID-19 we are also providing Online Workshops

Online Workshop

Join Our Online Trauma Workshop Dated:

Date: 31 July – 03 Aug 2023

Workshop Price: R4900

  • Become a Trauma Facilitator
  • Receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate after successfully completing the Workshop
  • This workshop will provide you with all the necessary practical applications and skills to successfully conduct Trauma Counselling

How can this Workshop Benefit You

  • International Accreditation
  • 7 CPD Points for Social Workers
  • 20 CPD Points for CCSA
  • Fast and Effective Approach
  • Become an International Accredited Trauma Facilitator (Internship)
  • Become more Effective in your work
  • Deal effectively with PTSD
  • Be amazed by the results of your clients
  • Be confident in your counselling approach

Who can Attend our Trauma Workshops/Courses:

  • Students
  • Social Workers
  • Dutch Reformed Ministers or Pastors
  • Nurses
  • Police officers
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Any person furthering education in Trauma Counselling methods or who has the desire to do Trauma Counselling

More About:

NAME: Gerrie Pretorius

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree in Theology / TIR Trainer and Facilitator

EXPERIENCE / LOCATION: In Private Practice since 2011 / PRETORIA

FIELD OF WORK: Trauma, Marriage, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD counselling.

PERSONAL: Married with two Children, Enjoy spending time with Family and finds relaxation in Nature

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R700 PER HOUR MON-FRI 8:00H-17:30H SAT 8AM-12PM

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