Trauma Therapy

Life Counsel provides professional Trauma Therapy

Overcome Emotional Trauma

Trauma Therapy Life Counsel provides professional Trauma Therapy for the individual and the corporate setting. We understand the impact of a Trauma event on the individual and we also have the professional skills to help the individual no matter what the trauma incident. In Trauma Therapy we help the individual to address the incident and process the emotional charge and the help with positive cognitive shifts in a safe and caring manner. Unattended emotional Trauma has devastating effects on the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and mental level of the human being.


We Provide Corporate Trauma Debriefings

We Come to your Premises in Cases of:

  • Armed Robberies
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Deaths or Suicides
  • Hi-Jacking
  • Natural Disasters like floods, fires and more
  • Fatal or Crucial Accidents
  • or any related Traumatic events or situation


Life Counsel assist companies in need of Trauma Therapy and counselling. We come out to your premises and conduct a Trauma group debriefing and assist with individual trauma counselling. Corporate Companies find this service of great help. For more info visit our page on Corporate Debriefing.

We provide Trauma Training – Become a Trauma Facilitator

How Can this benefit You

  • Become a Certified Trauma Facilitator
  • Receive a Internationally Accredited Certification
  • Receive CPD Points
  • Be capable and confident in Trauma Work
  • 4 Day Workshop
  • Proven and Effective Technique
  • Rapid and Positive Results
  • Have a Passion for helping people in Trauma
  • Help people Heal
  • Positive results for your clients
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction relieves and removes the after affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Start your own Trauma Practice

Life Counsel provides Trauma Training Seminars. Attending our Trauma seminars you will be provided with all the necessary tools and be equipped to deal with any trauma situation. For more info visit our page on Trauma Training Seminars. Life Counsel is proud to assist South Africans with professional Trauma Therapy.


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The Purpose of Trauma Group Debriefing

The Purpose of Trauma Group Debriefing

Trauma group debriefing plays a crucial role in the aftermath of distressing events, providing a structured platform for individuals to process and cope with trauma. The primary purpose of trauma group debriefing is to facilitate healing, support resilience, and...