Employee Assistance Program

We come along side companies and assist with Employee Wellness Services

Employee Assistance Program

Employee WellnessOur Employee Assistance Program can help Corporate Companies with demanding situations by improving the wellness status of your Employees. The South African economic climate places Corporate Companies and staff alike with additional work load pressure. At Life Counsel our Employee Assistance Program come along companies during the successful and trying times a company may face in terms of internal staff structures and external socio-economic factors.

Our Employee Assistance Program aid in streamlining internal communication, motivating staff, bringing awareness to physical health, aiding in stress management and equipping managing staff with the additional skills needed to run a successful goal orientated team with our management workshops.

Our Employee Assistance Program Provides:

  • 24 Hour Trauma Support Line
  • Face to Face Counselling Services
  • Our Taylor fitted Employee Assistance Program Includes:
    • Wellness Workshops
    • Critical Incident Management
    • Travel Nurses
    • Online Health and Wellness Management
    • Telephonic Health and medical support services
    • Legal, Financial and Family Support Services in Partnership with Legal Wise
    • Managerial Consultancy, Referral, Training and Absentees Management
  • Dispute and Conflict Resolution
  • Training Workshops Include:
    • Stress Management
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution

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