Individual Counselling

Life Counsel provides a safe space for individual counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual CounsellingLife Counsel provides Individual Counselling services that provide you with a safe space to talk and find help. It is important for people to have someone to talk to a friend, parent, partner, collage or stranger. When you don’t have anyone to talk to it is better to reach out for help. Life Counsel offers support and counselling services for Individuals who are in need of their voice to be heard or acquire advice.

When we conduct Couples Counselling we always provide space for Individual Counselling sessions. Often Individuals within a Relationship require Individual Sessions whereby this platform can be of great help.

Whatever the problem or what you are struggling with Individuals can be assisted with a platform to figure out yourself and your life situations.

When is Counselling necessary?

  • When you don’t have anyone to talk to
  • Needing Expert Advice on Counselling
  • You want a professional Third parties opinion
  • When you are becoming self-destructive
  • Struggling with Depression, Anxiety or Stress
  • Trying to understand yourself
  • When you struggle with self-confidence
  • Relationship Problems
  • Trauma Suffered
  • Struggling to express your emotions
  • Anger Outbursts, Violence

Life Counsel provides counselling services in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We can assist you with Face to Face appointments, Telephonic Counselling or Online Video Call counselling.

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