24 Hour Support Line

Life Counsel provides a 24 Hour Support Line to Employees

Our 24 Hour Support Line – Our Corporate Services

Trauma and Counselling Support Line

24 Hour Trauma and Counselling Support LineLife Counsel has extended it’s services to include a 24 Hour Support Line for our Corporate clients. At Life Counsel we recognise that the need for counselling, especially trauma counselling, may arise at any given time. Having access to a 24 Hour Support line help employees and company clients to have access to a team of professional counsellors anytime and anywhere.
Initial and immediate contact in a trauma event or counselling need can facilitate in the counselling process in order to calm the victim and prevent post-traumatic stress disorder. Now your clients and staff can have peace of mind knowing that access to our team of professional counsellors is just a missed call or Whats-app away. No unnecessary telephone bills as our 24 Hour Support Line has a call back facility to minimise costs for your company or company clients.


Your Employees and Clients will Have Access to:

•    Support Line
•    Trauma Support
•    Counselling Support
•    First Phase Physiological Debriefings
•    Physiological Assessments
•    Employee Conflict Resolution Advice
•    Management Advice Support on staff matters and conflicts
•    Stress Management
•    Anxiety Support
•    Staff Mental & Emotional Support
•    Work Productivity Advice

Our 24 Hour Support Line include:

•    Professional Registered Counsellors
•    Counselling in Multiple Languages*
•    Call Back Facility
•    No Additional Telephone Bill costs
•    Own Dedicated Line*
•    Expert Assessments

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