Trauma Counselling in Cape Town

Life Counsel Provides Professional Trauma Counselling Services

Trauma Counselling In Cape Town

Life Counsel provides Trauma Counselling in Cape Town whereby Individuals and Companies can benefit from our services. Trauma Counselling is an important service in our South African Context due to all the Violence, Crimes, Robberies, Armed Robberies, Rapes, Murders and much more.

Our Trauma Counselling services will provide a safe environment for Individuals to process their Emotional Trauma and we ensure that our clients are Debriefed Successfully. The after-effects of Trauma can be devastating and if it is not dealt with Trauma can have a long term negative effect on your life.

Trauma Group Debriefings

We offer Trauma Group Debriefings for Corporate Companies. These services are held at the Companies premises and we ensure that the Employees are Debriefed Successfully.

Trauma Group Debriefings are Conducted in Cases of:

Trauma Group Debriefings

  • Armed Robberies
  • Accidental Deaths
  • Passing Away of an Employee
  • Retrenchments
  • Unforeseen Accidents
  • Violent Protests or Riot

After Effects of Emotional Trauma

Trauma Counselling can eradicate all the negative after-effects of Trauma. After affects trauma if left untreated can have long term affects and these symptoms do not just disappear by itself. Our Counsellors can help you understand the process of trauma and find healing.

Symptoms of Trauma

  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Nightmares
  • Flash-Backs
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Becoming Emotionally Unstable
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Depression
  • PTSD

Trauma can be treated and resolved, it does not matter your situation or how long ago it happened. Our Trauma Counselling approach is a very effective and results are reached very quickly. Your Trauma and the aftereffects thereof can be done away with within a few sessions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you start your healing Journey

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