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With Life Counsel SA you will not only find we provide professional services, but we also believe in adding value to your experience with us.

Gerrie Pretorius founder of Life Counsel

In 2002 I joined Samaria Mission and worked as a missionary in Mozambique, Zambia and Venda. I was involved in Children Ministry, Youth Ministry, Discipleship Training and Church Building Projects. This was a great experience for exposure to new and different cultures and gave a new meaning to cultural understanding.

From 2003 – 2006 I studied at Christ Seminary in Polokwane as a Pastor and Completed my Bachelor Degree of Theology in 2006. During my studies I was an acting Youth Pastor at Agape Church in Klerksdorp. Being a youth pastor during this time gave me ample opportunity to work with the youth through leading, counselling and skill development. Subsequently my passion for working with people in a healing and growing environment took shape whereby I studied toward being a Professional Counsellor with specialisation in Trauma Counselling.

From 2010 – 2016 Life Counsel was founded in 2010 and we invested all our time and resources to grow this company to where it is today.I have undergone training in Meta Psychology whereby I have become a Facilitator in Trauma and Life Stress Reduction. I started to spesialise in the field of Trauma and Facilitate Trauma. We offer training to other professionals in this field and the training is accredited with the HPCSA.

Life Counsel has expanded over the last 5 Years and successfully managed a Private Practice and expanded to provide services to several Corporate Companies. Life Counsel provide 24/7 Trauma Support and Counselling to Corporate Companies and assist in Employee Wellness in Gauteng. Our Clients are SPAR SOUTH AND NORTH RAND, NATIONAL AIRWAYS CORPORATION, SANTAM, GOLD RUSH, AFRIBOOM, MAKOYA GROUP, LANSERIA AIRPORT and more.

I am currently registered with the Counsel of Counsellors in South Africa. Currently we offer counselling services for: marriages, pre-marital counselling, relationship counselling, depression, family, stress and anxiety treatment.

I believe that with my vast exposure to different cultures, my experience with the youth and my ability to work with and relate to an older generation makes me equipped to handle modern and diverse situations that people may find themselves in. At Life Counsel we incorporate both psychological and cognitive schools of thought with the interrelation thereof with physical well-being. We do not take a “preacher” approach, but help you by giving life tools and skills that will pose useful in future life situations as well as take individual personality types into account. Life counsel is established to help people of all ages and races to live a satisfying life; regardless of what you may be facing or going through.

We are here to give you a helping hand in times of need or tribulation. With Life Counsel SA you will not only find we provide professional services, but we also believe in adding value to your experience with us. Life Counsel will soon start you on a journey to embrace life and all its goodness again.

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