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Life Counsel Provides Counselling Services in Cape Town

Cape Town – Counselling Services

Life Counsel Cape Town offers Professional Counselling Services. Our Counselling Services are for the greater community uplifment, providing a platform for people to be heard, to find expression, to maintain healthier lifestyles and build meaningful Relationships.

Our Counselling Services Include:

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling

We provide Trauma Counselling Services in Cape Town for private Clients and Corporate Companies. We provide Trauma Group Debriefings and Individual Trauma Counselling sessions. Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Marriage and Relationship Counselling

We provide couples from all walks of life a SAFE space to come and talk about their challenges and difficulties and we come alongside couples providing practical tools for couples to build a healthy relationship. Our Cape Town Marriage and Relationship Counselling is Professional and effective.

Individual Counselling

Trauma Counselling

We provide Individual Counselling sessions for people to talk, express their feelings without feeling judged. We come along people and help them better understand themselves or find direction.

Post Divorce Counselling

Divorce Counselling

Cape Town Post Divorce Counselling gives people an opportunity and space to process all the emotional hurt, trauma, disappointment, anger and all that goes with divorce. It is essential for a individual to deal with your past in order to live a fulfilling future.

Depression Counselling

affects of trauma

Depression is real and can devastate your life and bring a lot of hardship and negativity. We provide professional Depression Counselling in Cape Town for individuals to help them overcome the grips of depression.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Life Counsel Cape Town offers Anxiety and Stress management sessions. It is important to first of all identify the source of one’s anxiety and stress. We then help people manage your anxiety and stress in practical and productive way’s.

Teenage Counselling

teenage counselling

Cape Town Teenage Counselling sessions have the goal to help teenagers better understand themselves, providing them with a non judgmental space to express themselves and helpful ways to improve their life situations and circumstances.

Grief / Bereavement Counselling

Depression counselling

Bereavement counselling in Cape Town offers support and assistance to people who have suffer Loss and Trauma. Loss is one of the most difficult things to deal with and it is essential that one is able to Grief healthily.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy

our Cape Town Play Therapy is a platform for children to express themselves through different techniques the therapist provides the child. the goal is to firstly help the child, for the therapist to understand and identify the child’s concerns and inform the parents in dealing with the situation.

Life Counsel Cape Town is a Professional Counselling Practice whereby we offer Counselling Services and as a result help people better themselves and their Relationships.

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