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Life Counsel Provides Trauma Workshops in South Africa

Trauma Training Workshops

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About our Trauma Workshops

Life Counsel is Exited to be Hosting Trauma Counselling Courses/Workshops in South Africa. Our Trauma Workshops/Course are very popular and we are going to host ongoing Workshops in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein and Windhoek Namibia. This 4 Day Workshop will enable you to become confident in Trauma Work and provide you with all the necessary tools to deal with any given situation successfully.

Trauma Incident Reduction is a Powerful Technique that is used to address the aftermath of Traumatic experiences. TIR is a rapid (compared to traditional therapy) method of effectively reducing Traumatic stress from emotionally and/or physically painful events. It involves re-visiting past Traumas and then detaching the emotional charge associated with the event in a completely safe environment; free from distractions or judgement. The value of this approach was appreciated by other professionals and a training program was developed. Life Counsel together with TIRA international are training up Trauma workers in South Africa by providing these Trauma Workshops.

Upcoming Training Dates

Online Workshop

Join Our Online Trauma Workshop Dated:

Dates for 2024:

20 – 23 May 

Workshop Price R4900

    • Become a Trauma Facilitator
    • Receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate after successfully completing the Workshop
    • This workshop will provide you with all the necessary practical applications and skills to successfully conduct Trauma Counselling
Pretoria20 – 23 May 2024
JohannesburgOnline Workshops 2024 – Contact Us for Online Training Dates
Cape TownOnline Workshops 2024
DurbanOnline Workshop 2024
Port ElizabethOnline Workshops 2024
BloemfonteinOnline Workshops 2024
Windhoek NamibiaOnline Workshops 2024


How Can this Trauma Counselling Course Benefit you:

  • You will be Internationally Certified with the TIRA Association
  • You will receive CPD Points if Applicable
  • You will Understand the Theory behind the TIR techniques
  • Would be able to use TIR in your scope of work or practice
  • Will have all the Tools to deal with Trauma Situations
  • You will be confident and Capable to address any Trauma Situation

Who can Attend our Trauma Workshops/Courses:

  • Students
  • Social Workers
  • Dutch Reformed Ministers or Pastors
  • Nurses
  • Police officers
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Any person furthering education in Trauma Counselling methods or who has the desire to do Trauma Counselling

We believe in providing the Professional Trauma Counselling services and we Provide Practical Trauma Counselling Courses in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban and Windhoek Namibia. Book your seat today and start making a difference in your own life and the life’s of others.

More About:

NAME: Gerrie Pretorius

QUALIFICATIONS: Professional Counsellor / Bachelor Degree in Theology / TIR Trainer and Facilitator

EXPERIENCE / LOCATION: 12 Years in Private Practice / PRETORIA

FIELD OF WORK: Trauma, Marriage, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD counselling.

Life Counsel provides practical Trauma Workshops in South Africa.



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