What exactly are the benefits of marriage counselling? Marriage is a life-long commitment partners make to each, often with good intent it is a commitment made with sincerity and the thought of ending the relationship in divorce court can be daunting. Life has however been known to constantly throw curve balls at us, and marriages are no exceptions.

All relationships experience rough patches and often time it can  be hard to differentiate a passing rough patch from trouble in paradise, marriage problems come in all shapes and sizes, changes and transitions an individual goes through, feeling stuck in your relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, mental health problems, finances, sexual problems, any form of abuse ,division of family responsibilities, lack of consensus on family boundaries ,poor communication , chronic health problems, birth or death of a family member can all cause strain in a marital relationship.

Many may question if going for marriage counselling is a good idea, and with a reported 70% success rate the easiest response would be YES; definitely. Marriage counselling is a good idea and can help improve your relationship with your spouse. The most important factor in making marriage counselling effective is commitment to the process from both parties. Often the problem is that both parties or one person is not committed to partake in process because they benefits of marriage counselling of marriage counselling.

Often times when faced with marital problems couples will consult elders in the community, family and their spiritual leaders, these can be great sources of help and be great support structures in the process in bettering your marital relationship. However, there are professionals called marriage counsellors or relationship experts that conduct counselling that have been trained to offer objective, non-prejudiced and confidential counselling to couples, much of their work is centered around helping clients with identifying their problems and offering them specific tools to help in dealing with those problems guided by a number of theories.

benefits of marriage counselling

Benefits of marriage counselling:

Communication skills, often times communication plays a role in the breakdown of marriages. Solving marital problems requires effective communication and often time individuals have different ways of communicating their wants and needs. It is important to learn how your partner communicates and develop positive ways of counselling, therapists are there to offer tools to help with communication.


Applying lessons to everyday life, is one of the main benefits of marriage counselling is often time about practical exercises that will help the relationship. One may feel like they are in school with all the homework, but relationships are an everyday thing and require constant work and with everyday challenges, work, raising kids couples can neglect their marriage. Incorporating lessons from marriage counselling in everyday life is the goal, applying what you have learned to your lives.


Quality Time, fixing a relationship requires a lot of time with your partner. A relationship cannot be better if there is only one partner present, so there will be a lot of having to be physically present and emotionally present in the relationship and for you partner. And quality time as part of the five love languages it is an important aspect of all functional relationships.

Having a Neutral /Professional Party 

Often Couples turn to family in times of desperate situations and it then results in more drama due to family dynamics. With Marriage Counselling the counsellor takes a natural stance and the most important factor is the marriage unit. The Counsellor refrain from judgement and do not pick sides. The counsellor help couples with new perspectives.

Creating A SAFE Space  

Marriage Counselling creates a safe environment for couples and enables couples to talk openly and freely. Couples need to communicate very sensitive information and this can be very daunting but counselling offers a platform whereby this can be done very productively so to help couples resolve issues.

If you are interested in the benefits of marriage counselling and what it could offer to your marriage, contact Life Counsel for growing your relationship in troubling times.