What are the Pro’s and Cons of Online Counselling?

Are you interested in online counselling? The advancement of technology has resulted in a selection of new ways to access mental health services. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to online therapy that you need to know about before you decide to book a session.

Online Counselling

Benefits of online counselling

  • Get easy access to support

Online counselling provides you with easy access to mental health professionals. If you live in a remote location where mental health services aren’t available, online therapy enables you to get the support that you need. People who have physical disabilities may also find it easier to access a counselor from the comfort of their own home. Teenagers who enjoy technology might be more comfortable accessing a therapist online rather than in person. An online platform makes therapy more accessible for people who struggle with social anxiety or other mental health concerns that make it difficult for them to leave their home.


  • Save time and money

E therapy cuts out transportation costs. Whether you’re traveling by public transport or in a car, you can eliminate transportation expenses when you book an online session with a therapist. You’ll also save yourself time on commuting to a mental health professional’s office. The flexibility of this type of counselling makes it easier to fit a session into your daily schedule.


  • Educate yourself on psychological health

Online therapy gives you access to resources that you can use to improve your emotional wellbeing. Whether you’re currently facing a challenging situation in life or you want to learn more about psychological health, booking an e therapy session may benefit you.


  • Get long-distance relationship counselling online

Are you in a long-distance relationship? E therapy is an opportunity for you and your partner to get support from a mental health professional when you’re in different countries or cities. You can take part in a group call using Skype or a similar online platform. Relationship counselling online can also make it easier for couples to find time to fit sessions into their busy schedules.

Online Counselling

Disadvantages of Online Counselling

  • Absence of information from body language

Body language is an important part of communication. Counsellors may miss valuable information when they can’t see the body language of the client that they’re talking to. Some clients may feel distanced from the counselling process when they’re not in the same room as the mental health professional that they’re talking to.


  • Interference from technical problems

Technical issues can disrupt online counselling sessions. Unreliable internet connections and poor quality equipment can detract from the therapeutic process. This type of counselling also relies on the client’s ability to use a computer and to access the necessary software.


  • Lack of support in an emergency

If your therapist is not in the same area as you, it’s difficult for them to offer the necessary support in emergency situations. In crisis situations, online counselling may not be a suitable option. Likewise, certain mental health conditions are more suitable for face-to-face sessions with a therapist that has offices in the same area as the client.


  • Ethical Concerns

If you decide that online counselling is the right choice for you, you’ll have access to therapists from across the globe. This makes the enforcement of ethical codes difficult if your counsellor is not from South Africa. Make sure that you check the therapist’s qualifications and registration details before you use their services. 


Now that you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy, you can decide whether these sessions are the right option for you. Contact Life Counsel and book an online counselling session today.