Navigating our new normal:

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In the midst of health complications, losing loved one and people we know, losing our jobs and being confined at home by the pandemic that is covid-19. We have found ourselves navigating the new normal, the new normal for everyone is wearing masks, sanitizing, keeping our distance and the scramble to get vaccinated. Our world Is not likely to go back to our previous normal anytime soon, that is if it ever will. So we must find a way to continue with life and get into the stride of rebuilding our lives. The saying goes if life gives you lemons make lemonade, well in this instance there is no lemonade we just stuck with the lemon. But there is one thing we can control, and that is perspective. An optimistic attitude is always helpful in finding solutions than a pessimistic one, so we just have to bite the bullet and find some good in the midst of all the bad. What is the good one may wonder in this instance, well we never imagined we would be in a pandemic  safe to say covid-19 definitely had the element of surprise  but should for some reason we find ourselves in the midst of another pandemic we can draw lesson from our current situation to be better prepared In future. The world is forever changing and we are likely to find ourselves in another pandemic, whether biological, environmental, financial or of any kind. Our Counselling services are an essential service to the public sector and corporate environment.

Here are some lessons we can take from the covid-19 pandemic and they might be helpful in planning for our future and possible pandemics we may encounter :


Finance, it is a universal fact that money is important to the sustainance of life, access to resources requires money. Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and it highlighted the need for saving or investing for a rainy day or the possibility of losing a job. All financial advisors advise of the need for one to save as much as possible, perhaps if one had investments, insurances and policies. It is a good time to go over them and see if you have the right option for your lifestyle and how best you can secure yourself should you be unable to work.

Counselling Services

Support Structures:

Ties that bind us, for much of the pandemic we have gone without the face-to-face interactions with family and friends we previously had. Many have lost family and friends to Covid-19, some have been isolating and some confined to their homes alone and all of this can put a strain in the ties that bind us as family and friends. Relationships and human relations improve our quality of life and ability to enjoy life and as we navigate the new normal it is important to take intentional steps to reconnect at a personal level and strengthen the ties that bond us. After all it is family and friends that form part of our primary support structure, we work on these relationships so when we experience hardships, they are there for us and we are there for them.


Counselling services

Health, health is not merely the physical and whether you go to the gym and keep physically fit. Health encompasses our physical, emotional, psychological and social wellness and how we find the balance in all these aspects. Covid-19 will have long lasting effects on their health for those who have recovered from the active symptoms and looking after one’s health will be important. But as a general rule one needs to take of their health for an improved quality of life.

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