Starting Point – Employee Health and Wellness

In planning to implement an employee health and wellness program in your organization takes time and necessary communication. From improved productivity to decreased absenteeism, these programs have plenty of benefits and help your staff reach their potential. You can start by assessing the needs of your staff and organization before selecting the program that best matches your requirements.

Assess the staff and organization needs

For your employee health and wellness program to achieve great success, it’s helpful to get input and feedback from your HR and Employees. Start having conversations with your HR Management and/or employees to determine the biggest challenges and concerns in the workplace. Identifying the Issues and concerns will help to give direction which program best matches the needs. It is important to list the concerns or issues that the organization is facing. A clear understanding and comprehensive assessment of what the needs are is very important in order to gain from the program and as a result help to ensure success. Common problems that companies need to address include absenteeism, poor performance and low levels of communication, conflict resolution, unity and so forth.

Choose a Beneficial Employee Health and Wellness Program

When you’re considering which employee health and wellness service provider to choose, you’ll need to keep the requirements of your company as well as your budget forecast in mind. Check if the service provider offers telephonic support services as well as in-person counselling and make sure you understand what services the service provider provides. The qualifications and experience of the counsellors,Psychologists, Nurses or social workers who provide the service also need to be taken into account and checked to ensure credibility. It’s advisable to select a service that can be customized or altered to match the unique needs of your employees and company.

Communication Strategy and Incentives

Even if you select the best Employee health and wellness program, your company won’t benefit from it unless staff members make use of this service. Execute a effective communication strategy to encourage employees and management to make the most of the program that you choose. Incentives can also be used to motivate employees to maintain and be consistent in applying healthy habits

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