Healthy Communication = Healthy Marriage Life

Are you looking for marriage advice? Effective and Healthy Communication is a vital part of building and maintaining a healthy marriage. Both newlyweds and couples who have been married for years can benefit from improving their communications skills. Read our blog to discover useful tips on how to deal with conflict in your relationship. When it comes to finding marriage help for relationship problems, you can consult a counsellor for professional advice. If you are about to get married help from a professional can get your marriage off to a good start. It’s important to deal with conflicts straight away before they become serious issues that are blown out of proportion.

Acknowledge your different communication styles

Healthy Communication
When it comes to Healthy communication in marriage it’s important to acknowledge that people communicate differently. It’s essential to gain an understanding of how your partner communicates in order to resolve problems effectively. You may find that one partner is more logical while the other is more emotional. Neither approach is right or wrong but it’s important to find common ground when you are discussing an issue. Another common difference is that some people express themselves verbally while others try to get their point across both verbally and non-verbally.

Spend quality time together

Healthy Communication
Spending quality time together helps to build a strong foundation for your relationship. It also enables you to gain a better understanding of your partner and how they communicate. Spend some time discussing what makes you feel loved and appreciated. Your love language may be words of affirmation or gift giving. It could also be physical touch or acts of service. Ask your partner what makes them feel cared for so that you have a clear picture of what expectations they have of your relationship.

Avoid name-calling and criticisms

Criticising your partner or calling them names shuts down Healthy Communication. As soon as somebody feels like they are being blamed, they stop listening and become defensive. Shouting also makes effective & Healthy communication impossible. Instead of starting the conversation by verbally attacking the other person rather concentrate on expressing how you are feeling. Once you have expressed yourself give the other person a chance to share their point of view. Rather than thinking of ways to respond to your partner, practice active listening. This involves paying attention and trying to understand their perspective.

Take a break

If you are discussing a serious issue and you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break. Likewise, if your partner expresses a need for a timeout allow them to withdraw from the conversation. Once you have both taken the time that you need to process your feelings and thoughts, you can start your discussion again.
Now that you have read our marriage advice you can start to implement these strategies in your own relationship. While Healthy Communication in marriage can be difficult, it becomes easier once you learn and practice these techniques.