Internet Infidelity – Dangers the Internet can pose to your Marriage

We all use the Internet and receive a lot of information through it. Internet has its positive and negative effects on intimate relationships, but I want to focus on the hazardous side the internet and make couples aware of the darker side of internet browsing. This is a three part article on the Dangers, Effects and Solutions regarding the negative effects the internet poses to Relationships.
I have counselled many couples and you find that many relationships have been ruined because of chat rooms, social networking sites, or so called re-connecting sites, pornographic sites, adult dating websites and more. But even if this does not lead to an affair the question needs to be asked is this behaviour marriage or relationship friendly?
Let me shed some light on the dangers that is lurking on these internet sites that we need to look out for.
The internet is Accessible and Anonymous

Internet is so accessible that does not matter where we are if at work, school or home on the road most of us have internet access on our laptops, iPad’s or smart phones. And the scary thing is that our children grows up with this technology and we need to be always aware of this fact. The most compelling fact of the internet is its anonymity. You can pretend to be a 25 year old hunk but in fact you are a 45 year old married man. Anonymity is not guaranteed while there are products to use for hiding your true identity but you can always be caught out. The internet can be a dangerous place and one can easily get sucked into its grips.

Something for everyone on the Internet

You can find literally anything and everything on the internet and that why it is so user friendly. You can buy, sell, shop, be amused and entertained at the same time the internet offers unlimited information. Of course, one of the BIG industries online is sexually oriented content. These are pornographic sites, adult oriented “dating” sites, or sites that offers affairs for married individuals. This is very popular sites and many married individuals visit these kind of sites. There are over 200 new porn sites that go live every day.

Emotional Affairs via the Internet

So how does infidelity on the internet look like? One can jeopardize your marriage in many ways by having access with unlimited contact details of random people you meet online, view and exchange images, text and sounds of sexual nature in a very private way. Your spouse can with the aid of the webcam even have online sex in his own privacy without you knowing about anything.
You will find Chat Rooms, forums and Newsgroups that communicate in real time. These types of communication at times start innocent but ends up destroying marriages and families.
You find many Adult Dating Websites where you create your profile and you get sent matches that might fit your profile. Unfortunately many married people are caught up into these kind of sites. Some of these sites promote to cheat and have a love affair.
One also finds these “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” sites where an individual financially support these individuals for sexual favours.
Social Media sites like Myspace and Facebook also creates a platform for people to flirt and exchange inappropriate content.
We need to be aware of the Internet dangers that lurk and wait to entice us and destroy our relationships. The internet offers a vast opportunities to explore and creates unprecedented opportunities for inappropriate sexual activity. The internet created the means by which to conduct into an affair that is very accessible.
These networking sites can make you emotionally vulnerable and can make you lose grips on reality and real intimate relationships. So be careful in how you conduct yourself online and always be on the alert.