What is the role of romance in a marriage? When one thinks of romance in a marriage ,many thoughts can come to mind. One may have sweet and positive feelings towards their spouse or one may think “what romance?”. Romance can be said to be the glue that keeps the couples together, it is the flame that keeps the connection and passion alive. often times with work, busy schedules and children couples find it hard to dedicate time for romance.

Romance in a marriage can decrease

After years in a relationship or a marriage it is not uncommon for the romance and excitement of the relationship to decrease, however a little effort can go a log way in bringing back the spark  of romance that you once enjoyed in your relationship. Long term success in a relationship requires work, and romance is one of the many aspects of a relationship couples need to work on. Romance is the vital fuel that keeps a relationship moving forward and keeps the relationship lively, exciting and meaningful. So it is important not to let the mundane everyday responsibilities chip away at the importance of romance in your relationship.

Romance in a marriage

Now that you know the importance of romance in a relationship, here are some ways to include romance in your relationship:

Plan dates nights, dates and one on one time is important for a relationship. It is important to dedicate adult  time as a couple possibly once a week or when possible , this is time away from the children and away from the everyday  responsibilities. Dates can be time to catch up on what is going on in your daily activities, getting dressed and going on a date at a romantic restaurant with your partner can bring back memories of the beginning of your relationship or bring back feelings of being young and alive.

Spontaneous flirting, most us will be at work during the day  and a spontaneous call or message can just be the romantic gesture to let you know that your significant other is thinking of you, and in the age of technology flirting on the phone can be a great exercise to continue on even when you get home.

Change your bedroom routine, you  know what to do to turn your partner on  and with everyday responsibilities  and feeling that time is short. As a couple you may fall into the trap of going through the steps just to get the job done and this can be damaging to your romantic relationship.

Don’t neglect your appearance, being in a long-term relationship can give a feeling of being secure in their relationship and many may not feel like they have to impress their partner. Early on in the relation one can spend hours in front of the mirror and closet getting ready for their date, even in a long-term relationship the same effort is required.

Participate in a common hobby , there is no greater way to bring people together that in common interest, so research a new hobby, sport or challenge that is new for both of you and peaks your interest. Common hobbies  can be exercising together ,doing a puzzle together, doing couples yoga and even cooking dinner together.

Surprising each other with small gifts and gestures, they don’t have to be big or flashy .It can be  a small  note in their work bag, or a surprise lunch delivered to their office. Any small  gesture that can say “I am thinking of you”

Tell you partner you love them; you know the saying actions speak louder than words well that may be true but in some instances words are all we need , telling your partner and not just showing you love them is important. Everyone wants to be reminded that they are loved.

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