Would you like to be fully equipped in First Aid? Life Counsel shares 5 Reasons Why First Aid Training is Important.

1. Provision of a Holistic Employee Approach

It is of immense importance that an individual or employee has the basic knowledge of first aid, so to handle any given situation they might face. The basic first aid training knowledge can be the difference between life or death. You will learn how to stay calm in chaotic situations and learn simple acronyms to remember or recall the important steps to follow in emergency situations. First Aid Training will help you with confidence and being comfortable so that you can be more effective in pressured situations.

2. Establishing a Safe Space for the Patient

Not all accidents, illnesses or injuries will be emergency cases or end up in the hospital. Many cases are minor situations or incidents, but that does not mean the patient is not in pain or is not suffering. Implementing the correct physical techniques and emotional awareness to relieve pain or discomfort of the patient will assists in creating a calmer atmosphere, placing the patient or employee at ease. Remaining calm and collected provides emotional support to the patient and decreases stress and anxiety.

3. Preventing Fatal Injuries

When a patient sustains moderate to severe injuries the first few minutes are crucial in order to stop bleeding and stabalise the patient. The First Aid Training will enable the attendee to use basic household items to prevent further physical damage to occur, resuscitate where necessary and stabalise the patient while transporting the patient to hospital. Severe injuries may turn fatal should necessary steps not be taken to stabalise the patient and stop bleeding where necessary. 

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4. Ability to Handle Crises Situations

First Aid Training will provide you with confidence to handle any situation and as a result help and save lives. It helps you reflect upon yourself and understand how others and you react in emergency situations. Having the basic skills taught in First Aid Training, creates confidence and reassurance to the situation, to the other employees or bystanders and most important the Patient.

5. It Teaches you to Apply Safety and Self Care

One of the first basic things one has to apply and remember is to ensure your own safety and health. Looking after yourself enables you to also look after other more effectively. Looking after yourself first is not selfish at all, but it is important and practical to ensure that the situation is safely managed and contained. You will also be made aware of your own health and well-being. People in the health care profession have the task to promote healthy living and it is important in retrospect that you apply self-care on yourself.

Life Counsel provides First Aid Training to Empower people from different professions as a result to benefit the community.