The Importance of First Aid

This article will give a better understanding of what is First Aid Training.  And the Importance of First Aid

Wouldn’t it be Great to have all the relevant knowledge of First Aid and at the same time be certified?

7 Must-Knows about First Aid and What Our Training Courses Offered

1. About Our First Aid Training Courses – Life Counsel

Life Counsel offers First Aid Training Courses in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are passionate about Training specifically about First Aid Training. Our Workshops are designed to provide trainees with all the necessary skills and knowledge to be competent first aid responders. We host training courses and workshops for Employees at their offices and also have scheduled courses for the public to attend at selected venues. Our First Aid Training Courses are Cost effective and provide vital skills and knowledge to the students to be confident in handling emergency situations.

2. The Importance of First Aid

We cannot overemphasize the Importance of First Aid Training. It is like having all the necessary spares and tools in your vehicle when you have a breakdown. Without all the necessary tools it will be impossible to change your flat Tyre and with the right tools available you could easily change and fix the problem. Although our First Aid knowledge and tools are not always acquired, we know that when it is needed, it is of immense importance. First Aid Competency can make the difference between Life and Death. Having basic knowledge and skills can SAVE a life and bring so much joy and thankfulness. Everyone should at least have the basic skills and knowledge of First Aid.

3. What is First Aid?

First aid is basic skills and knowledge applied in an emergency situation to ensure that immediate assistance is given to a person suffering from either a minor or serious injury or illness. First Aid Assistance can help the situation from worsening and keep the situation stable until medical assistance arrives.

4. The Key Purposes of First Aid Training

They are KNOWN as the three Ps’:


The most important purpose and aim of First Aid is saving or preserving Life. First Aid Training is designed to enable a person to be competent ensure safety and preserve life at all costs.


It is of crucial importance that the First Aider can prevent the medical condition from worsening or danger of further injury. The First Aider should be able to ensure the safety of the patient and apply first-aid techniques to prevent the worsening of the patient’s situation or condition.


It is important to note that First Aid is not Medical Treatment but that with basic understanding and practical skills, one can better a patient’s state of injury or illness.

5. Can I become a First Aider?

Yes, anyone can acquire all the necessary skills to become a First Aid Responder.

More Specifically people who can benefit greatly is School Teachers, Gym Instructors, Employees, Nannies, Mothers and Fathers, Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers and anyone interested or expanding their knowledge in basic medical assistance.

6. How can I become a Certified First Aid Res-ponder?

By attending and Completing a Short First Aid Training Workshop will provide you with a competency Certificate. With this Certificate you can be nominated as being a First Aid Responder at you Workplace, Church, School, Gym or any place of work.

7. What Does This First Aid Training Workshop Entail?

The Following Information is covered in our Level 1 First Aid Training Course. The Level 1 is the Basic of First Aid and one can build from here and also be accredited with further levels of accreditation. We Conduct First Aid Training Level 1-3

Our Level 1 First Aid Training Course Entails the Following:

  • You are given all the basic knowledge of the Legal Aspects of First Aid
  • You will be given the Skills and knowledge to manage an Emergency Scene from A-Z
  • Understanding the Basics of HIV & Aids
  • Understanding what is Shock
  • Treat and Manage Shock
  • Manage and Control Breathing of the Injured or ill
  • Manage and control Bleeding of the Injured or ill
  • Dealing with soft tissue Injuries, Burns and Fractures
  • How to Deal with Injuries of the Head, Neck and Spine
  • Oversight to Medical Emergency Solutions
  • How to do Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitations
  • How to do patient Evaluations
  • All necessary practical Skills and Applications thereof.

7. About Our First Aid Trainers

Our First aid Trainers are all Qualified Paramedics and are fully competent in conducting training. They have all the knowledge and practical experience to answer any related questions and give practical advice and necessary input.

Contact Life Counsel for Any Information on our First Aid Training Courses in Pretoria or Johannesburg.