Marriage Counselling Johannesburg

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Marriage Counselling Johannesburg

Life Counsel provides Marriage Counselling services in Johannesburg for Couples from all walks of Life.

We place a strong emphasis on relationships and its importance can not be over stressed. Our lives revolve around relationships and more so intimate relationships and it is vitally important that our intimate relationship are healthy and fulfilling. Marriage Counselling can provide you relationship with new meaning and better understanding towards your partner. We have helped couples over the last 10 Years building and maintaining meaningful relationships. We always encourage couples to first try and resolve their relationships before considering divorce or separation.

Marriage Counselling has become a very necessary and prevalent service in South Africa and we support Couples in maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships. We provide couples with a Safe Space whereby couples can freely and openly communicate and with the assistance of a professional a resolution can be formulated. During our Marriage counselling sessions couples have the opportunity to pause and focus on making an effort to resolve differences, making sense of the past and building on future desires.

Marriage Counseling also Focuses on Enrichment Therapy

Marriage counselling also provides a space for couples who require enrichment therapy or counselling services. This is for couples that don’t have prevalent marital problems but they would like to advance their relationship and prevent potential problems or miscommunication. Enrichment Counselling services can help couples take their relationship to the next level of intimacy by helping couples identify weak components in their relationship and strengthening and empowering weaknesses. Enrichment Therapy or Counselling fuel couples with new excitement for each other and drives them to be partner focused and be less self focused.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Our Marriage Counselling in Johannesburg also provides couples with Pre-marital counselling in preparing couples before taking the big step of marriage. So many couples often places the emphasis on the wedding day and often lack important fundamentals in their relationship. Pre-marital counselling help couples identify potential pitfalls and build on strengths. We also provide couples with relevant insights of the realities of marriage life, so that couples can share thoughts and feeling around it. Pre-marriage counselling creates the foundation for couples to build their marriage upon and without a strong foundation thing can go skew very quickly. Ensure you set things straight with your partner before you say “I DO”

Marriage Counselling Help Couples with:

Marriage Counselling Johannesburg

  • A Safe Space to Talk
  • Professional Facilitation and Advise
  • Relevant and Practical Tools
  • Communication Problem Skills
  • Infidelity
  • Trust Issues
  • Verbal / Emotional or Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Compatibility & Personality Differences
  • Finances
  • Parenting
  • In-laws & Family
  • Step by Step guidance and implementing problem solving skills

Our cities and communities are build on relationships and this forms a corner stone to thriving people but unfortunately there are so many broken relationships and families therefore we want to add value and help people build healthy relationship structures.

Please contact Life Counsel for Professional Marriage Counselling in Johannesburg and start investing in your relationship today. Our Marriage Counselors and Psychologists are ready and able to help you start your journey.


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