How to be an Excellent Husband

A Call to Husbands
Without a doubt husbands have a great amount of responsibility towards their marriages. Your role cannot be taken lightly and you cannot have a laid back attitude towards your marriage which sadly many off us fall into. It is easy to fall into the habit of being a passive kind of a husband. The kind who are at home in your wife’s company but so distracted with TV or sport and other things that we don’t really spend quality time with our wife’s. It is so important to invest time with your spouse. Are you your wife’s companion and do you have an emotional intimate relationship with her?? I am reminded continuously to be the man who gives my time up for her. It all starts with Time…how do you use your time?? We should never use the excuse of not having time…it is our responsibility to make time for our Wife and children.

Here is 3 important attitudes an excellent husband need to possess so to maintain a Healthy Relationship
1. The attitude of a Leading Husband
We ought to lead our households. It is your responsibility and not your wife’s. You take up the responsibility of leading and caring for her. Husbands you have the authority but this authority is not to be abused. You need to lead with grace, kindness and understanding. The husband is the initiator and needs to take initiative in the relationship.
Wimp – Is a husband that does not have a backbone and does not take initiative in the relationship.
Drill Sargent – Is a Husbands the husband that rules with an iron fist. You do as I say because I said so and no questions asked.
Neither of these approaches is correct.

Leading means:
Gracious Authority.

2. The attitude of a Loving Husband
Yes you heard me correctly…a loving kind of a husband is what your wife is looking for. Ask any wife and she will agree. That is why she married you because you showered your love over her in the early days in your relationship. If I had to ask you would you jump in front of a bullet for your wife? Your answer would be yes without a doubt. Loving your wife does not always come with feeling or motivation you have to choose to love her unconditionally.

How can you Love your wife more:
· Love her by being faithful to her sexually and emotionally. Be a one-woman kind of man.
· Love her by leading as a gracious and loving husband
· Love our wife by teaching and disciplining your children
· Love your wife by providing financially
· Love your wife by being involved in her spiritual and emotional life
· Love your wife by being first to seek reconciliation after conflict situations
· Love you wife by trusting her
· Love your wife by praising her often
· Love you wife by continuously working at your companionship.
· Love you wife by giving her physical affection
So husbands this require an active husband so be encouraged to apply these attitudes in your relationship.

3. The attitude of a Understanding Husband
This is a very important aspect for husbands to practice continuously. Your life time quest is to learn, study and make sense of who your wife is.
Ways that we as husbands can work on our Understanding:
· Understand your wife’s moods, desires, goals, joys and frustrations
· Understanding her Strengths, weaknesses and pressures
· Understand what makes her happy
· Understand the differences between men and woman

Husbands you can be motivated and apply these 3 Attitudes in your life and Relationship and you will discover a more satisfying relationship.

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