Employee Wellness Services and Benefits

We provide Taylor made Employee Wellness Services

Our Employee Wellness Services and Benefits

Life Counsel as an Employee Wellness Service Provider strives for excellence in advancing people’s mental and physical well-being through our Employee Wellness Program. We offer Corporate Companies a wide range of services specifically catered for their corporate needs and to help employees deal with the often stressful and demanding situations South Africans may face on a regular basis.

Our 24 Hour Support Line

24 Hour Trauma and Counselling Support LineOur Support Line creates a basis whereby the company can rest assured that their Employees and their immediate family have emotional support and expert advice when needed. Our trained and registered Counsellors and Psychologists will be available 24/7 for any case of support or counselling. Our support Line can add great value to the well-being and management of the employees.



Employee Benefits:

  • Emotional Support & Counselling
  • We provide a Call Back Facility
  • Immediate Family members can also benefit from Counselling Services
  • Professional Advice and Assessments
  • Online Counselling Services
  • A counsellor, Psychologist or Social Worker is one Call Away

Corporate Counselling Services

Life Counsel and Employee Wellness Service Provider are about creating a suitable platform for Employees to express their inner thoughts processes & emotions and provide a safe environment where counselling needs can find expression. Our professional Registered Counsellors are sensitive to listening and understanding and provide practical and expert advice.



Our Counselling Services Include:

  • Trauma Debriefings / Corporate Group Debriefings
  • Works Stress Management
  • Anxiety and Depression Counselling
  • HIV Counselling
  • Anger Management
  • Grief counselling
  • Life Stress Management
  • Life Coaching
  • Psychological Assessments and more…

Corporate Wellness Workshops / Team Building

Employee WellnessOur Employee Wellness Workshops are aimed at Informing, Promoting and Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles as well as Emotional and Physical well-being. Our Wellness Workshops vary in Topics and are driven to Improve and Uplift the Employees’ working environment and inspire motivation.

Our Wellness Workshops Includes:

  • Communication Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Health & Wellness Topics
  • Emotional Well-being Topics

Our Travel Nurses – Our Wellness Drives

Travel NursesLife Counsel’s Employee Wellness services provide Medical Checkups with employees on a regular basis this will create awareness and identify and eliminate health problems.

Our Medical Screenings Include:

  • Basic Medical Check-ups
  • General Medical Check-ups (Blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, eye tests)
  • Rapid Testing (HIV, Cholesterol, Glucose, Cotinine)
  • Short Medical Exams (Urine Tests and short health Questionnaire)
  • Medical Assessments with Professional Advice

Online Counselling and Employee Well-being

Life Counsel provides an Online Counselling Platform whereby Employees have access to their own private profile and can book an online session with a Professional Counsellor.

Online Counselling Benefits:

  • Secure Online and Private Settings
  • High-Quality Video Calling
  • One-click away from Booking a Private Session with a Professional Counsellor

First Aid Training Courses

We offer Professional, Fun and Interactive First Aid Training Courses that Form part of our Employee Wellness Program.

  • We Offer First Aid Competency Training Courses
  • We offer Group First Aid Training for Companies
  • We offer Level 1, 2 & 3 First Aid Training Courses
  • Our Courses are Accredited by the Department of Labor
  • Our Trainers are Accredited, Professional and Experienced.
  • We offer our First Aid Courses in Pretoria and Johannesburg


The Life Counsel team are passionate about people, and helping with growth and direction. We can help in making a positive difference with our Employee Wellness Services.

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