Sex is an Important physical aspect of all romantic relationship, often times believed by
society to be reserved for committed monogamous relationship. Sex has many benefits for
the individual and your partner, with sex supporting a healthy relationship.

The Role of Sex in a Relationship

The role of sex for each couple can be best explained by how each couple explains the
function of sex in their relationship. For a long time in society sex has been associated with
marriage and the notion that the main purpose for sex is too pro-create and multiply ,this
notion has perpetuated the fact that sex is not for enjoyment and sex outside marriage is
sin and something to be shameful of. However current education into sex is centered on the
physical ,psychological benefits of sex in a committed relationship and one of the main
requirements for a healthy sex-life with your partner is good communication around how,
when ,where you want it .Although sex is an intimate physical act it requires the partners to
be engaged with each other at an emotional, mental and physical level.

Importance of sex in a relationship
Along with the individual benefits and benefits to relations between partners , a regular
healthy sex life enhances bonding with your partner. Although maintaining a healthy and
regular sex life with your partner can be hard and the frequency of sex decreasing with the
everyday needs such as kids, work and managing a household, however humans are wired
to crave sex and a lacking sex life can lead to individuals in a relationship growing distant
and looking elsewhere for the sex and intimacy.

In her book , “The sex -starved marriage: boosting your marriage libido, a couple’s guide,
”Michelle Weiner-Davis the therapist suggests the approach of “just do it”, although the
maintenance sex of doing it every chance you get may make it feel like work or unromantic
however having sex often or at least once a week minimum can help in making your
relationship feel like a loving and supportive relationship. In a relationship there will most
likely be two different sex drives and there will be times where you have to do sex for your
partner and not necessarily because you feel like it, in order to both stay sexually satisfied
and this is where showing up for your partner is important and vice versa . Expecting your
partner to have the same sex-drive as you are not practical.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to in your relationship from a healthy sex life:

The Role of Sex in a Relationship

Sex Fosters intimacy

This is perhaps the most important and obvious benefits .Intimacy is
the ties that bond couples ,as couples we probably share everything but if sex ranks low it
often hinders the intimacy and the spark that attracts partners to say together.

Helps with stress

It’s needless to say how amazing it can be to come home after a long day
and release all that pent up stress-energy with your partner in bed. Experts say that sex
helps individuals respond better to stress because of the feel-good endorphins resealed in
the body by sex which help with relaxing and gives plenty of bonding time.

Sex aids problem-solving

As time progresses in a long-term relationship couples will
disagree on a number of things becomes an important activity to make a truce , some
couples have said that make-up sex after an argument is the best sex. Sex can help couples
to work out their disagreements in a loving way.

Sex builds better communication

Sex is not confined to the bedroom and the roots of it
extend well beyond into everyday life. Communication outside the bedroom is important
and without it the physical connection in the bedroom will be weak, Great sex starts with
the mind and constant communication can help in making sex enjoyable.

Sex is great workout

Sex being a vigorous physical activity it can aid in burning calories. A
good round of sex is said to be equivalent to some moderate physical activity such as
walking or climbing a flight of stairs.