What to Expect from a Marriage Counselling Session?

So here you are. You and your partner have identified that you may need some help in the form of Marriage Counselling. You are a bit nervous about the whole situation and may feel a bit uncomfortable. You have no idea what to expect from a Marriage Counselling Session? Will the counselor be bias? Will he or she really understand your situation? Will marriage counselling even work or help your marriage?


I am here to help you put your mind at ease about marriage counselling and what to expect from a marriage counselling session. There are 4 main stages that can be identified during your counselling sessions

1. Understanding obstacles or struggles within the Marriage

During your first consultation the counselor will establish what challenges and obstacles it is that you and your partner are facing as a couple in your marriage. The counselor will assess the situation and how each individual feels it affects him or her and how it influences the marriage. From there the counselor will assess what it is that you and your partner would like to establish or achieve in the marriage


2. Individual Counselling

After the initial assessment stage the counselor will see each person individually. He or she will determine what each person is struggling with in the marriage and how they can work on the items that he or she is struggling with.

What to expect of marriage counselling

3. Working Together

After individual counselling the counselor will get you and your partner in together again for a couples counselling session. During this session the counselor will address external factors such as work, finances, family or the like that may influence your marriage negatively. The counselor will also look at healthy communication skills, how to handle conflict or disagreements as well as the different roles that men and women fulfil in a marriage. The counselor will help with a relationship vision and how to work toward a happy and healthy marriage


4. Growth

As you and your partner start applying the principles taught and identified during your marriage counselling sessions you will see growth in yourself, your spouse and your marriage toward your relationship vision that was established during your couples session


As you can see, there is no need to be weary of marriage counselling and a trained professional counselor can help guide you and your partner towards a happy and fulfilling marriage.


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