Why should Companies Invest in Corporate Wellness?

Companies today need corporate wellness more than ever. Investing in your staff and management will, over time, produce happier staff and a successful business. Companies today depend on performance, the better and more effective the performance of the staff, the more successful the company. Life Counsel can aid your company in Corporate Wellness in order to keep your staff and management happy, more productive, more goal orientated and thus, growing your business every step of the way.

Employee Wellness

4 Ways to ensure more Productive Staff and Management:


1. Emotional Support

The saying “never bring your home to work” seems an almost impossible task if the employee is faced with an emotional situation that not only affects them cognitively,but also psychically. Traumatic events,deep emotional disturbances in family life or home related stress has a dramatic impact on an employee’s productivity. The employee has a shorter concentration span and finds it even difficult to perform small day to day tasks.* It is reported that more than 50% of staff is 30% less productive at work if they are faced with an emotional disturbance or trauma at home.*

Our Solution- Psychologists and Counselors on call – all the time, any time:

Life Counsel can provide companies with professional mental health services to ensure optimal performance from employees and management. Our Psychologist and Counselors perform on-site counselling and debriefings for any mental illness, emotional disorder, chronic mental or emotional state or any trauma related event.

Moreover we also offer a 24 hour support line with trained professional registered staff ready to help a staff member or client day or night. Management can be rest assured that a professional is available 24/7 at any given time to ensure that staff and management are taken care off immediately


Corporate Health and Wellness

2 Physical Health Awareness

Is is no secret that physical health impacts brain function and concentration. Identifying physical illnesses or a pre-disposition to physical illnesses before they turn into full fledged health risks will also ensure less absentees at work. Making staff aware of their physical health state and promoting healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle will also help with stress management at work and at home.

Our Solution – Travel Nurses and Online Health Management

Life Counsel offers our clients travel nurses and medical professionals to help identify pre-disposition to illnesses and current underlying illnesses. We also make use of state of the art technology that tracks steps taken, sleep patterns and heart rate of employees in order to keep them motivated and aware of their physical activity during the day. The Online Health Management site offers tips on healthy eating and creates a health orientated social community within your work force.

3 Stress Management – Have Fun

It come at no surprise, that management is often left with huge frustrations and cross roads, when employees become stagnant and unproductive. As a result management adds more pressure on employees which leaves employees unsatisfied,stressed and unmotivated.

Our Solution – Goal Orientated Team Building Programs – Have Fun!

Adding an element of fun in the workplace creates an essential ingredient to ensure corporate wellness throughout the year and takes the stress load off business demands. Life Counsel implements fun and enjoyable team building activities where employees and management take time out to unwind and get to know their co-workers better. Life Counsel provides strategic team building exercises to help employees have constructive fun and as a result maintain a well balanced work life. The team building exercises are designed to maintain goal oriented outcomes in order to benefit working partnerships and business growth.

4. Internal Communication Structures

When you find management or employees who struggle to communicate effectively, production will slow down and negative implications will follow. Communication will always be at the center of a well maintained business which helps drive a business forward. Does HR struggle to manage conflict resolution with employees? Is everyone on the same page when it comes to a project? Does co-workers know how to relate to each other and handle conflict during business discussions?

Our Solution – Communication and Conflict Resolution Workshops

Communication structures are key for corporate wellness and successful and productive business transactions. Implementing better communication flows and conflict resolution strategies will secure more productive outcomes and better staff relationships. By providing constructive communication and conflict resolution workshops Life Counsel will help your company improve understanding and motivate positive behavioral changes among employees.

Corporate wellness
Make sure your corporate wellness needs are well looked after in order to improve business strategies and competent employees throughout the business year.