Welcome to Life Counsel

Your Marriage, Trauma, Depression, Stress, Grief, Family, Christian, Counsellor in Pretoria

Life Counsel is a private practice that offers Marriage counselling, trauma counselling, Grief Counselling, Counselling for depression, teenage counselling and family counselling.

I established Life Counsel to help all South Africans in a multi-cultural, stressful, aggressive and sometimes very traumatic environment. The aim of Life Counsel SA is to equip people with the ability to deal with very demanding situations and life realities in a homely, yet professional environment. The counselling / therapy techniques used are based on an understanding of how we think, feel and react to certain situations.

My aim: Is definitely not to condemn, but rather give a different understanding of how we can apply principles that can't only be applied in every day life, but that is also very practical for our modern day. I believe: There is always grace in every situation, regardless of what you have faced or what you are going through. We are to enjoy life. Knowing that there is hope, change is possible. Let us help you walk this road together.

I provide the following Counselling Services:

Pre-marital Counselling (Counselling Before Marriage)
Marriage Counselling (Counselling for your Marriage)
Trauma Counselling (Counselling for traumatic experiences)
Loss and Grief Counselling (Counselling for loss and grief)
Depression Counselling (Counselling for Depression)
Stress Counselling ( Counselling for stress and anxiety)
Teenage Counselling (Counselling for teenagers)
Family Counselling (Counselling for the whole family)
Christian Counselling (Counselling for Christians)

Author: Gerrie Pretorius